Frequently Asked Questions

Who may apply for LBHSSF scholarships?

LBHS graduating seniors.

What if I am not a straightA student?

Not all scholarships are academic scholarships. Scholarships are available in various disciplines – the arts, the sciences, sports, humanities, theatrical, citizenship and community service.

How do I find out about available scholarships?

Scholarship information, including categories and specific requirements, can be viewed online at In addition, the High School Scholarship Coordinator makes a formal scholarship presentation in January during seniors’ Government/Economics classes or free period.

Where does the scholarship money come from?

Community organizations, individuals and other interested, philanthropic parties.

What is the “GO FOR IT”?

The “GO FOR IT” lists all scholarships offered through the LBHSSF. It includes short descriptions of the scholarships, the scholarship requirements and the target recipients. The “GO FOR IT” can be found at, STUDENT tab.

How do I apply for the scholarships in which I am interested?

Go to and click on the STUDENTS tab, and then select APPLICATION.

What if I miss the deadline?

Incomplete and late applications WILL NOT be considered! No exceptions.

Who should complete my reference sheets and write my letters of recommendations?

Request recommendations from those who know you in the classroom, on the sports field, in your workplace, at your place of worship, etc. Family members or your peers should not be asked to write recommendations.

Who chooses the recipients?

Sponsors and the Faculty Scholarship Committee, consisting of volunteer LBHS teachers and counselors, participate, in varying degrees, in the selection process and recommend award recipients.

If I win, how will I be notified?

One week prior to convocation, you will receive notification, via email, that you have been awarded a scholarship. Scholarships are announced and awarded at the June Honors Convocation. Attendance and participation in the Convocation is required.

If you are unable to attend Honors Convocation you must discuss your absence with the Scholarship Coordinator prior to Convocation or you will not be eligible to receive any scholarships.

If I am a scholarship recipient, do I receive money the evening of Honors Convocation?

At the Honors Convocation, recipients receive an envelope with instructions on how to claim their scholarship awards. Recipients are required to write a thank you note to the donor and submit a proof of enrollment as a full time student before a scholarship award is paid. Once the thank you note and the proof of enrollment are uploaded to the recipient’s scholarship account, a check is sent directly to the recipient’s college. A small number of scholarship organizations present a check directly to their recipients at Honors Convocation.